Nowadays, it appears as though no one is original or harness innovative thoughts. In the 21st century, it appears as though everything has already been created and that there is no room for technological growth. However, every once in a while a person comes along with an original marketable idea. But how long will that original idea be safe from idea scavengers? It will seem as though everyone will want a piece of your idea and make it their own. Or, someone will take a little piece of your original idea and build upon it. Apple would not be where it is today without Microsoft and vice versa. Apple and Microsoft’s early competition with each other made them the powerhouses that they are today. We see it all the time, people stealing other people’s ideas at work and in their personal lives. The moment you talk to someone about an idea or a way to make something better, it could be stolen. A listening ear has the potential to destroy originality and progress.

New ideas can also be petrifying to the single-minded. A person who does not see the world the same way that you do will attempt to crush your dreams. This occurs from a number of reasons, but mainly cultivating from the fear of change. Change, however, is inevitable. There are too many people living in the present and traveling on this blinded path of normality. A new idea can threaten what is normal in their world thus the war against fear begins.

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I remember when the CD was first introduced to the market, immediately I became afraid. I did not want to give up my cassette tapes and this flat shiny disk challenged what was my normality. Soon after the birth of the CD came the iPod and so on and so forth. I realized that I was afraid of change and not the new technology that I held in my hands. A few decades later, I embrace change and am continuously attempting to make processes better by incorporating process improvement in everything my hands touches.

On the second thought, the world does need a bit of competition. Competition can take a single idea and make it grow enormously, by making it better, stronger, and more prosperous. So, are you are will in to stay in the fight for your idea? Will you give up when the going gets tough? Will you give in to fear? Be strong and do not be afraid of the naysayers, the pessimists, and the idea scavengers. Continue to nurture your idea and fight for what you believe in besides we only live once.



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  1. I believe the relevance of creativity has been watered down by misappropriation of time. When we harness the gifts that time reveals, creativity and the ideas thereof will push forth.

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