Please ONLY apply if you meet these criteria:

  1. You have an established business or have an amazing audience.
  2. You know what affiliate marketing is and you’ve had some success in it already.
  3. You run your business with integrity first, always.
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Not An Affiliate Yet? Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Be!

1. Results, Quality, and Integrity. Always. 

We’re assuming you already know us and love us.

2. “Repeat sales” is our middle name.

Our customers/clients buy everything that we release. (Seriously. Everything.) They buy again – and again.

3. We take affiliate tracking seriously.

Our program set for a 30% commission on all initial and ongoing sales. We have NO end date set and no minimum payment amount. We also have Affiliate Royale set to look at the referring affiliate for all purchases, but if the person is on a new computer and/or buying with a new email address, it will look at the IP address when no cookie or referral information is found. We want YOU to get paid for all of your referrals.

4. Recurring Revenue is Sexy.

We have THREE recurring programs (1 monthly and 2 annually)  – which is pretty sweet, as you get paid on all rebills. Yes, if someone signs up for our membership program and stays for five years, you’ll get paid EVERY SINGLE MONTH for those five years.

5. You Get Paid MONTHLY.

We pay on time, every time to our loyal affiliates. If you’re new, there may be a temporary hold on your first payment until we can verify that sales are legit. (The only exception is the “stinker clause”.  If there is anything suspicious we may hold your payment for up to 45 days. This is extremely rare and has only been done in extreme cases.)

6. We will help to make sales from your referrals who don’t buy right away.

The people who you send to Capricious Lee who do not sign up for our list or buy anything their first visit will be remarketed to them so that we can help YOU to make more money. We do NOT use an affiliate link to track this, so your referral REMAINS your referral.

7. We are happy to help you to promote.

Some affiliates like to do big pushes via email and webinars. Others like to integrate us into their entire business so they’re making sales years from now.

We want to help with both types of affiliates.  However YOU choose to promote, we’ll try our best to meet you there.

  • Itching to steal our mailings to promote us? Go for it.
  • Guest Blog Posts. Just send us 3-5 questions and we’ll answer them in a blog post that you can use to promote.
  • Interviews or Webinars. If you want to do a call with Cynthia, we can schedule that.  Just send me a message. However, if we’ve worked together in the past, just holler and we’ll make it happen.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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