Hyperlinked Wedding Planner


Are you getting married? If the answer is yes, then this planner will be perfect for you.  This hyperlinked pdf planner contains the following:

  • Contact List
  • Budget Breakdown
  • Bridal Prep
    • Wedding Dress
    • Brides Dress
    • Formal-Wear
    • Flowers
    • Shoes, Hair, & Makeup
    • Bridal Party
    • Bridal Shower
    • Bachelorette Party
    • Gift Registry & Log
  • Event Prep
    • Venue & Officiant
    • Hotel
    • Guest List
    • Seating Chart
    • Music Checklist
    • Photographer
    • Videographer
    • Food
    • Cake
  • Day of Schedule
    • Ceremony
  • Honeymoon Prep
    • Planning
You can use this planner on Goodnotes or Notability or Xodo and Note Plus and Noteshelf2, ZoomNotes.
1 PDF file
• Optimized for GoodNotes and Notability, Notechelf2, on iPad Pro and Xodo for Android Tablet
• Single Hyperlink PDF (digital download)







How do you use it?

The user interface is designed to be a personal experience, almost as if you doodled it yourself in a notebook. With all the tabs, planners, and trackers available in one place, you’ll find personal planning a fun and easy activity that you’ll look forward to every day.

Works Best With

⚫ Tablet and stylus

⚫ Goodnotes

⚫ Notability

⚫ NoteLedge

⚫ Squid

⚫*Some apps will not support the premade tab links. They are not supported by OneNote or Evernote.

We recommend using the planner with an iPad using either GoodNotes or Notability. It is not limited to iPads and can be used with other devices with some limitations.

NOTE: *This is a planner intended to be used with a tablet and stylus and an annotation app. This is not a standalone app, it is meant to be used with 3rd party annotation apps. Annotation app not included. There are no refunds once you download the planner. If you are unclear about anything, please contact me before ordering.



– 1 hyperlinked .pdf



– This listing is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.








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