I saw the moon late last night, and she was with her lover. They were dancing amongst the stars, dancing as if time did not exist. I watched the moon, and her lover rejoiced in each other’s light as they tried hard not to chase the darkness away. They caressed and loved each other tenderly while cherishing every moment. While sipping my Stella Rosa, I watched as they made love in the sky. The tenderness, passion, and pure bliss put my heart at ease. Their soft, gentle whispers blew past my ears within the cool breeze. Their kisses moistened the air, and the light moans hummed in the wind. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift away in their glory, their love, their passion.

silhouette of woman reaching the moon
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I saw the moon at dawn briefly as she was drifting away. Her lover was fading away in the light, and she was sad. She tried to run away from the sun and slip back into darkness, into her lovers’ arms. The light, the moon’s secret stalker, has been driven by jealousy is upset that he does not exist in the darkness. The sun, incapable of giving the moon away, chases her lover back into the night sky. The sun, an unyielding powerhouse driven by lust, slowly chases the moon in the sky every morning as the moon chases the darkness in searching for her lover. The lights rage heats the air as it grows brighter into the atmosphere.

I did not see the moon at solar noon. Fueled with rage, the sun has made contact with the meridian and stood high above the horizon, scorching the grounds below. Driven by jealousy, the light seeks to punish all who watched his love dance in a darkness that he could not see. The sun, ashamed of his loneliness, burns the eyes of those trying to witness his pain. The light, tired and desperate, slowly drift across the sky. Searching for his lover, he chases the moon across below the horizon, setting into the twilight hour.

I saw the moon again at dusk, and she was with her lover. They rejoiced in the darkness that embraced them. The stars returned, and the nights’ air grew chilly as it carried their whispers past my ear. The sweet moans put the world at ease as their passion ignites euphoria below. I poured Stella Rosa into my Zalto long stem wine glass and watched as the two lovers enjoyed the night. I sipped my wine while allowing the soft breeze to ever so gently caressed my skin. I stayed up watching their love drifting the grounds below to sleep. I watched the moon, and her lover enjoyed the night, anticipating dawn’s early warning of the light. I watched as the moon slowly drifted once again away from the sun.

-Cynthia Lee


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