Looking back, I see my old life.

An old life of heartache, failure, pain, passion, love, lust, and infatuation.

If you dig deep down in my shattered heart,

You can try to put the pieces back together.

My damaged heart, torn apart from infatuation but brought back together by love only to be torn again by failure and lust.


Looking back, I see the things that I could have prevented, and

In that moment of solace, I see the things that were meant to be.

My love-stricken memories of passion, and

The feeling of being used.

Memories of kisses, hugs, and laughter torn apart by hatred.


Looking back, I see all of the treats that I have cried.

Tears from being lied too, broken-hearted, or from falling in love.

Tears from getting the things that I always wanted, and

Never getting the things that my heart needed.


Looking back, I see my old life,

An old life of heartache and failure, pain, passion, love, lust, and infatuation.

If I looked forward, would it be the same?

Or is my past a glimpse of my future life.




Cynthia Lee

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Cynthia Lee

Master Certified Life Coach | Certified Confidence Coach | Mother | Daughter | Sister | Friend | Speaker | Podcast Host | Superwoman

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