I remember when people would write me sweet love letters.

Letters that would make me feel special and

Would have my heart quench for that replenishment again.

Letters that would tell me about the millions of stars in the sky,

How there is a whole new solar system for each of them.

And how somewhere on a different planet and fabulous time

It is there that we will be.

The letter that would tell me how my eyes would remind them of the evening

Star, their color so deep like the ocean on a see full of love,

Compassion and dignity, or how soft and tender my skin was.


I remember when people used to touch my skin.

A touch sometimes that would send me in a quest to explore

My wildest desires, dreams, and fantasies.

Touches that would comfort me, it would hold me and wipe away my tears.

That sweet touch across my gentle face soothes me,

Taught me how to trust.

A touch that would, could, and have rescued me from my fears, desires,

Mistakes and loneliness.

That touch buried me in their arms and protected me from the world.


I remember his sweet whispers into my gentle yet gullible ear.

Whispers that would tell me that I am a queen and

My every wish was theirs to command.

They would tell me that they could give me the greatest possession

That every girl would die for, to be loved.

Whispers that would soothe my tears and chastise me

With the reality that I was too stubborn to accept,

And warn me of things yet to come.

Whispers of my reflection calling out to me.

Calling out its pain, hurt, and its desire for me to change my rugged soul.


I remember letters, touches, and whispers.

Love letters, Sweet Touches, and Gentle Whispers.



Cynthia Lee

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Cynthia Lee

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