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10 Questions That Can Change Your Life

You can learn a lot just by asking yourself a few questions. Questions direct your attention and make you think. If you never ask yourself questions, you may limit the progress you make in your life. The questions you ask yourself or fail to ask yourself can alter the course of your life! Consider…

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25 Job Interview Secrets

Getting a job is hard work! You’ve sent out your resumes and you’ve got a call back for an interview, but now what? These simple job interview secrets will help you make a great impression and give you an advantage so you can land the job!

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14 Ways to Feel More Hopeful

How can you feel hopeful about your future when your health and job may be at risk? It may sound far-fetched, but you can be upbeat in any circumstances. Rather than denying reality, healthy optimism is about facing the facts and accepting your emotions. The difference is that you generate…

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15 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

Your mood can fluctuate from week to week, day to day, or even hour to hour. But that doesn’t mean that your mindset is outside of your control. There’s plenty you can do to quickly lift your negative mindset and feel better. Avoid believing that you’re a victim of the randomness…

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15 Reasons to Embrace Criticism

Criticism can be good or bad depending on the critisism and your ability to receive it. Criticism can be an uncomfortable pill to swallow, but criticism has many benefits, too. Criticism can be valuable if you’re willing to grow from it. Consider these ideas to use criticism to your personal…

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