Take this quick quiz to get an idea of how motivated you currently are. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Think about your goals, then answer the questions by selecting the response CLOSEST to how you feel in your life currently. And remember that the answer you select is just an indicator – there are no right and wrong answers.


  1. Can you visualize or imagine the benefits of this goal/s for YOU?

               a. Yes, I can clearly see/hear/imagine/feel the rewards I will get by achieving my goal/s.

                b. I know what the benefits might be, but I can’t quite imagine achieving them.

                c. No, I find it hard to imagine things being different.

  1. How prepared are you to make changes to your life to achieve your goal/s?

                a. I’m ready to do whatever I need to do to make it happen.

                b. I’d like to see how much I can achieve / I’m pretty busy but am ready to make some effort.

                c. I’m not ready to make big changes yet / I have too much going on to change much.


  1. How passionate are you about achieving your goal/s?

                   a. Absolutely, I want it more than anything else right now.

                   b. I want to get there – but at my own pace.

                  c. A little / If I can make a small change I will be happy.


  1. How much support would you like with the planning and execution of your goal/s?

                a. I would love support in specific areas (eg. brainstorming / action planning / identifying obstacles/accountability).

                b. Some support is good / If I make a plan I am more likely to stick to it.

                c. I need some help to get started.


  1. Do you persevere? How much willpower do you have?

                a. When I set my mind to do something, I achieve it.

                b. It varies. I have good days, but sometimes life gets in the way / I get distracted or tempted off-track.

                c. Not much. I have often given up in the past due to a lack of willpower or commitment.


Your Motivation Quiz Results

MOSTLY A’s  –  The Big Leap!

You are well-motivated, organized, determined, and keen to make changes.

  • PROs: You will achieve your goals one way or another, and if you don’t there’s always a very good reason.
  • CONs: You may be so focused on achieving the goals that you forget to celebrate, enjoy the journey, or let other things in your life slip. Also, goals are sometimes easier to achieve when we slow down, letting things flow rather than pushing.


MOSTLY B’s  –  The Middle Way!

When a goal is big and important enough you take action, but like most people, you occasionally struggle to stay focused and motivated. You have a full life and probably know what works for you, but are you set in your ways? Your motivation may vary as you’re unsure how a change would fit into your life. This means that sometimes you let life live you rather than actively creating the life you want.

  • PROs: Life is predictable and safe (even if busy). You mostly feel settled and may have a good “life balance”.
  • CONs: It’s easy to get nice and settled in your comfort zone. But we also take longer to achieve our goals because we don’t have the motivation, clarity, organization, energy, and/or support we need to go the extra mile.


MOSTLY C’s  –  Small Steps…

Perhaps you’re happy with your life and your goals are simply a fine-tuning exercise.

Or perhaps you’re not really enjoying your life and are struggling to get moving on your goals. Maybe you can’t see the benefits of your goals enough. Maybe your life is simply too busy and overwhelming or maybe you’ve been going after the wrong goals…

  • PROs: If you only want your life to be a little different, small steps are the perfect way to hone and shape your life the way you want it. Change rarely happens overnight and taking it slow also lets you fit change into a super busy life. Setting – and achieving – smaller goals can also motivate us to go for something bigger next time! Finally, taking it to slow helps us reconnect to ourselves and figure out what we really want.
  • CONs: Smaller steps obviously mean a goal takes longer to complete. Sometimes we lose momentum or motivation because progress is so slow! And it’s unlikely you’ll see big changes without putting more effort in.



So how did you do?


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