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What difference can words make? A lot, especially if those words are used as positive affirmations. 

Yes, affirmations.

If you haven’t used affirmations or used them unsuccessfully in the past, you might be wondering how some positive sentences repeated aloud can make any difference. To most, affirmations sound like nothing more than wishful thinking and good intentions. But can they really work?

The answer here is yes. Numerous studies done by scholarly journals, schools of psychology, and other respected members of the scientific community have proved that affirmations work. They also encourage substantial and positive change in the lives of people who practice them regularly.  

In this masterclass, we’re going to step into the world of affirmations. We’ll talk first a little about what affirmations are and how we can expect them to help us.` From there, we’ll discover how to use affirmations: through the creation of personalized affirmations. Finally, we’ll explore several areas of your life where affirmations can be most helpful. And with several tips to optimize each of these areas and some examples to get you started.   

Welcome to the world of affirmations. Just by being here, your life is about to change, all through the implementation of the right word at the right time. 

Cynthia Lee

Professional Blogger, Author, Wellness Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Army Veteran, Mother, Daughter, and Sister.

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