I help women retrain their brains to ditch the negative self-talk and beliefs that no longer serve them.

What is Confidence Coaching?

Confidence Coaching is a type of mindset and life coaching in which you are coached to pursue the full possibility of your potential in whatever area of life you want to excel. 

Confidence Coaching is a mentorship based relationship in which we will work together to help you transform your confidence, how you feel about yourself, and how confidently and courageously you pursue your potential. I work only with seriously motivated individuals or companies in the following areas of confidence:

What is Confidence Coaching specifically? Confidence Coaching is a type of personal development support more strategically focused than general life coaching in which the client learns how to take full ownership of their gifts, their story, and their future. Confidence Coaching is teaching the art of finding success in the face of failure, rising when you have fallen, looking at yourself with renewed enthusiasm and esteem, and learning how to say not just “I can,” but “I will.”

How Will I Know If Confidence Coaching for Me?

Confidence Coaching is for anyone craving more inner peace, purpose, and motivation. It is for go-getters who have a few hurdles holding them back from being their best selves and who are determined to break free from whatever it is holding them back. It is for anyone who wants more confidence and courage to be their best, most authentic, and happy self.

In working with me as your Confidence Coach I can help you…

  • See the beauty in the mirror
  • Silence your inner-critic
  • Identify your passions and dreams
  • Bring your dreams to life
  • Master your time management
  • Improve your relationship with food
  • Become a person with more follow-through
  • Keep your promises to yourself
  • Live without stress or internal self-pressure
  • Trust yourself and your gut
  • Clarify your purpose and values
  • Cleanse yourself from limiting beliefs
  • Prioritize self-care in a sustainable way
  • Speak up for yourself
  • Have deeper, more connected relationships
  • Walkthrough life transitions with peace
  • Break self-sabotage habits or behaviors
  • Overcome procrastination and overthinking
  • Let go of caring too much about what other people think
  • Detox the habit of comparison
  • Create a daily lifestyle you love and that is fulfilling
  • Establish nurturing routines for peace and success
  • Implement happiness habits
  • Decrease your overwhelm
  • Learn to be proud of yourself and to celebrate your life more at the moment
  • Rewrite old thought patterns with powerful, life-giving ones
  • Identify motivation roadblocks
  • See yourself as successful
  • Become a massive action taker
  • Learn to live in the present instead of the past
  • Tap into your deepest desires so you can live your most beautiful life
  • Determine your desired legacy/impact in this world
  • Create a better relationship around money
  • Cleanse scarcity, fear-based thinking from your mindset
  • Walk confidently in your skin you’re own
  • Own your body type and beauty
  • See the world and your potential through a lens of abundance
  • Create positive behavioral changes around food or emotional eating

So what is included?

All coaching clients who work with Cynthia will receive customized coaching and unparalleled attention and support. Coaching sessions are done via video, either FaceTime or Zoom, and are 60-minutes in length. They include “Action Thoughts / Action Items” that are emailed to you after the session to help you stay accountable for moving forward on whatever it is you are working on. Depending upon the personalized coaching program you choose, you can receive email and text support/access between your coaching sessions.

Before beginning your coaching relationship, you and Cynthia will discuss your exact goals, your current challenges, and your lifestyle so that your coaching results are maximized.

How much will it cost?

Cynthia Lee offers three coaching packages because she knows that sometimes you need a little bit of support, and sometimes you need a more structured program; that said, whatever your goal, Cynthia has a package or option for you. Sessions are charged via invoice at the beginning of the selected program and will need to paid prior to the start of the session. Payment plans are offered depending upon the length of the goal and the coaching plan selected.


Confidence 101
  • billed yearly and save $120
  • or
  • $59 monthly
  • Confidence 101 is an affordable personal development membership for those who are looking for ways to invest in themselves but aren’t quite ready to dive into a 1:1 confidence coaching relationship
  • Per month
  • Discounts available for Confidence 101 members
  • 2 Coaching Sessions per Month ($1,500 value)
  • Coaching for Strategy, Accountability and Progressive Growth
  • Actionable Next-Steps
  • Customized to your Exact Needs
  • 60 minute session
  • 3 months 1:1 coaching program
  • Discounts available for Confidence 101 members
  • 2 Coaching Sessions per Month ($550 value)
  • 5 Step “Yes, Girl, You Did It” Blueprint To Unshakable Confidence ($1,500 Value)
  • Weekly Actionable Next-Steps Customized to Your Growth ($550 value)
  • Email Support as Needed ($250 value)
  • Quarterly Goal and Growth Assessments ($350 Value)
  • 1 week of email support post program ($200 value)
  • 3 months 1:1 coaching program
  • Discounts available for Confidence 101 members
  • 4 Coaching Sessions Per Month ($1,500 value)
  • 5 Step “Yes, Girl, You Did It” Blueprint To Unshakable Confidence ($1,500 value)
  • Weekly Actionable Next-Steps Customized to Your Progress ($550 Value)
  • Unlimited Email Support ($350 value)
  • Quarterly Goal and Growth Assessments ($350 value)
  • 2 weeks of email support post program ($400 value)


What if I commit to coaching, but after one session with Cynthia, I realize she’s not the right fit?

It’s okay. I want you to succeed, no matter what – your success and your happiness matter to me, whether you work with me or with someone else. If, after the first session with me it doesn’t feel “right” for you, just let me know and the rest of your coaching program with me will be canceled.

Is what I share with Cynthia confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Similar to a therapy setting, what you share in our sessions stays in our sessions. Trust is of the utmost importance to me within my confidence coaching practice.

Does confidence coaching replace therapy?

No, confidence coaching is not therapy. There are certainly some overlapping similarities in the work you will do with me and what you might discuss with a therapist, but coaching is not intended to replace therapy. I highly recommend therapy for all individuals as a part of general mental wellness.

Can I meet with you in person?

Yes. I would love to meet in person with people often. If you are local to South Carolina, or willing to travel, I can do in-person meetings at your favorite coffee shop or bookstore within the Columbia area. I also do on-site group sessions and workshops at the location of your choice for customized coaching options.