Do you find yourself lacking the confidence to make a big change in your life? Does stepping outside of your comfort zone make you anxious? Is insecurity holding you back from achieving something greater? Professional confidence coaching may be the answer to helping you achieve the next level in your business or personal life.

Expert confidence coaching can help you address some of the most common self-confidence concerns and give you the tools you need to remove self-doubt and uncertainty from your thoughts. You’ll gain a new enthusiasm for life, and be motivated to take action, feel good about yourself, and work towards changes that will lead you towards your full potential.

Remember, building this confidence requires a lifestyle and mindset change. As an expert life and confidence coach, I can help you through this process by offering individually tailored support and coaching to assist you in living a more confident and purposeful life.

Who is Cynthia Lee, Life and Confidence Coach

My name is Cynthia Lee, your Certified Life Coach, and Certified Confidence Coach. I am based in Columbia, South Carolina, and I also love writing poetry, photography, and being an absolute goofball.

I am dedicated to helping women build their confidence, stand tall, and achieve their goals by teaching them that confidence is not something that “lucky” people have and it is accessible to everyone! The right information, practical techniques, and the will to do (and be) more, is all you need.

So think of me as your new (low maintenance) best friend, well the one that you actually like and got your back and who nothing but the best for you.

I am invested in you, because your success is our success, and that can only lead to one thing…a bunch of happy, successful, and confident women!

In working with me as your Confidence Coach I can help you…

  • See the beauty in the mirror
  • Silence your inner-critic
  • Identify your passions and dreams
  • Bring your dreams to life
  • Master your time management
  • Become a person with more follow-through
  • Keep your promises to yourself
  • Live without stress or internal self-pressure
  • Trust yourself and your gut
  • Clarify your purpose and values
  • Cleanse yourself from limiting beliefs
  • Prioritize self-care in a sustainable way
  • Speak up for yourself
  • Have deeper, more connected relationships
  • Leave your unhealthy relationship
  • Feel sexy again and be the queen you truly are
  • Break self-sabotage habits or behaviors
  • Overcome procrastination and overthinking
  • Let go of caring too much about what other people think
  • Detox the habit of comparison
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Start your own business
  • Learn to be proud of yourself and to celebrate your life more at the moment
  • Rewrite old thought patterns with powerful, life-changing ones
  • Identify motivation roadblocks
  • See yourself as successful and powerful
  • Become a massive action taker
  • Learn to live in the present instead of the past
  • Tap into your deepest desires so you can live your most beautiful life
  • Create a better relationship around money
  • Walk confidently in your skin
  • To say “Hello” and start your new relationship
  • Go for that job
  • Own your body type and beauty


You need the support of an expert confidence coach as you take a look at the experiences that have influenced your way of being in the world. This means exploring your blocks and limiting beliefsbecoming aware of them, and processing them. Once you explore these, it’s time to take a look at who you truly are, and what you truly want for yourself. This means getting support in creating an authentic vision for who you want to be in the world and what goals you want to reach (both personally and professionally), with an action plan to get there.

Cynthia’s 5 Steps to Unshakable Self-Confidence

My structured roadmap designed to help you to overcome your self-doubt, self-confidence, and improving your self-esteem so that you can confidently pursue your purpose.

  • STEP 1

    Identify The Roadblocks That Has Been Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Purpose

    The first step to self-confidence is to identify your core beliefs, mindset, and you vision on what is means to be confident. You will learn how to identify unhelpful thinking patterns and how to consider other, more adaptive ways of thinking.

  • STEP 2

    Gain Clarity On Your Goals And Vision

    We will examine what’s really important yo you, identifying the values closest to your heart so that you can make an actin plan that aligns with who you want to be. We will work on creating SMART Goals and creating the outline for our vision.

  • STEP 3

    Rediscover Your Authentic Self And Re-Write Your Life Story

    Rewriting the story you hold in your mind is a scary thing. It will require you to forgiving yourself for the core beliefs we’ve identified that are no longer serving you, and exploring what new stories you’d like to be telling yourself about who you are and what’s possible for you. I’ll share some mental exercises and tools that you can take with you into your daily life as a way to honor this new mindset you hold for who you are and how you’ll be in the world.

  • STEP 4

    Relearn The Power In Your Voice And Take Control

    One of the biggest blocks to setting boundaries, saying “no,” or speaking up is in not knowing exactly what to say. We will also shine a light on what scares you and give you practical tools and strategies to look fear in the eye, so you can move forward with greater self-confidence.

  • STEP 5

    Master The Courage To Go All In And Go After The Things That You Want

    We will take all of the tools and knowledge that we learned and apply them in our day to day life. Improving self-confidence isn’t a “one-and-done” kind of deal. It is something that you will need to keep practicing.


We are a good match to work together if..

  • You are ready to make a BIG IMPACT in this world
  • You are prepared to kick the excuses to the curb and take BIG ACTIONS
  • You are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone in the name of growth
  • You are ready to go ALL IN and invest in yourself
  • You gave big goals and are ready and eager to be supported

We are NOT A MATCH if…

  • You are not ready to let go of the excuses and old stories
  • You are not ready to put in the work and are just wanting a quick fix
  • You are NOT ready to live your purpose and create a growth mindset
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself


What if I commit to coaching, but after one session with Cynthia, I realize she’s not the right fit?

It’s okay. I want you to succeed, no matter what – your success and your happiness matter to me, whether you work with me or with someone else. If, after the first session with me it doesn’t feel “right” for you, just let me know and the rest of your coaching program with me will be canceled.

Is what I share with Cynthia confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Similar to a therapy setting, what you share in our sessions stays in our sessions. Trust is of the utmost importance to me within my confidence coaching practice.

Does confidence coaching replace therapy?

No, confidence coaching is not therapy. There are certainly some overlapping similarities in the work you will do with me and what you might discuss with a therapist, but coaching is not intended to replace therapy. I highly recommend therapy for all individuals as a part of general mental wellness.

Can I meet with you in person?

Yes. I would love to meet in person with people often. If you are local to South Carolina, or willing to travel, I can do in-person meetings at your favorite coffee shop or bookstore within the Columbia area. I also do on-site group sessions and workshops at the location of your choice for customized coaching options. 

Do you work with men?

Of course! I do and have worked with men in a coaching capacity. My business is focused on women, but I am happy to work with male coaching clients.

Who Confidence Coaching is NOT for.

I love being a confidence coach. I am not equipped to deal with mental issues, physical ailments, psychological concerns, severe anxiety, depression, or will be able to provided any type of diagnosis.

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