Cynthia Lee, Confidence & Life Coach


How has your insecurity silenced your dreams?

In our free discovery session, we will explore what a confident and passionate you look like.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are tired of staying silent, yet you are scared to speak up.
  • You ask for advice a lot. Making decisions is difficult without the influence of others.
  • You waste a lot of time worrying about others’ opinions. Every conversation is replayed in your head out of fear you said something wrong.
  • Your life and your career are just happening to you. You want to fulfill your life’s purpose but don’t even know where to begin.
  • You struggle knowing what you want, and if you knew you wouldn’t ask for it anyway.
  • You wonder what’s wrong with you, knowing you want more, but still, tell yourself to be happy with what you have.
  • You give more than you get, and at the end of the day feel drained or like you live for other people.

I want to give you the courage to unleash your natural, confident self.

I Hear You. I See You. You Matter.

There is a different way. Working with me as your Confidence Coach, you will find your voice, discover what you want, make your plan to get it, and have the support as you take the steps to get the life you have always known you wanted but never felt like you deserved.

Working with me as your Confidence Coach, I can help you to:

  • Let go of experiences that have influenced your way of being in the world
  • Explore your blocks
  • Discover where you feel out of alignment
  • Squash your self-doubt
  • Embody for whom you want to bein the world
  • Identify your goals
  • Create an action plan

So that you can reclaim your confidence and feel EMPOWERED to step into your true, authentic self.

The first step towards powerful confidence is booking the session.

“I have struggled with depression, anxiety, and a keen sense that I don’t deserve to be where I am for most of my life.
For me, working with Cynthia has been more effective than anything else I’ve tried because her program has taught me how to change or let go of the things in my life that doesn’t serve me, rather than swallowing them and accepting them as “the way it is.”
It’s taken a lot of extremely hard work, and I now feel less depressed and less anxious than I have ever felt. I have a sense of control over my life and no longer feel as if things are just happening to me. I’m learning to stand up for myself and, most important of all, to love myself.”

-Joseline B.


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