Please be safe, and make sure that you come home to your children, to your mothers and fathers, to your spouses, to your sisters and brothers, to the rest of your families, to your friends, and to your communities.  To those that have lost their lives to the two deadly viruses currently plaguing our society, …

5 Real Dangers of Dating Websites

Dating online is starting to be the norm for many busy professionals. No one seems to have the time to meet anyone organically anymore. Dating websites make it so easy and simple to find your one true love or whatever your temptation desires. All someone has to do is sign up on the site, upload a few pictures and answer a few questions. A person can complete the required startup information in the morning and have a slew of qualified dating candidates in the afternoon. Sounds to good to be true. However, there are several factors that one should consider when utilizing these sites.

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