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I Am Done (poetry)

Pieces of a Storm Poetry by: Cynthia Lee He lied to me. He said that all of my dreams were going to come true. He made me see the perfection in the shattered glass. He lied to me.   He said that he has changed. He told me that the past was the past. He …


Self-doubt can come in many shapes and forms, but chances are that it’s caused by one of these three things. And that’s some good information to have. If you know what’s causing you to doubt that you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do, you can work on overcoming it and with it gain the confidence you need to get started.

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Although different aspects of your being operate independently, they’re still connected. At some point, they come together to create the best being possible. That explains why your physical and mental states are co-related. Balance in one area is easily transferred to another. Are you experiencing situations that put a strain on your mental processes? Do …