Affirmations for Different Areas of Your Life

Now that we’ve checked out the general idea of affirmations, it’s time to go a bit deeper. When thinking about what areas of your life you’d want to apply affirmations to, what conclusions did you come to? We had a few ideas as to what you may have chosen, so we went ahead and compiled some tips for some common areas of your life that you may want to use affirmations in. After all, it’s far easier to get an idea of how affirmations may be most helpful to you when a few examples are laid out.

Day 3:

In today’s lesson, we’ll be checking out our first few specific areas of your life that you can use affirmations in.

Money & Finance

The US Financial Health Report 2019 found that 54% of people were struggling with at least a portion of their lives when it came to finances. Another 17% of people were experiencing significant financial hardship. In 2020 these numbers are expected to be considerably higher. It’s no wonder when people think about using affirmations to change some aspect of their life; finances comes right at the top of the list.

As with any affirmations, you need the statements to be something personal. If they don’t speak to you on a genuine and emotional level, they’re never going to work. Where money is concerned, you have to understand why you want to change your financial state in the first place. More importantly, you need a reason for needing money, which is meaningful to you personally.

So, you can’t just sit around wishing for a million dollars because you think having that many zeroes on your bank statement will ‘fix everything.’ Instead, you’re going to want to craft affirmations with a reason behind them. “I will have $1,000,000” seems pretty meaningless at first glance. “I will have $1,000,000 in the bank to pay my retirement costs” gives you an affirmation you can believe in.

Does this mean your reasons for needing money have to be good?

Not at all. This isn’t a discussion about morality. Sometimes we want money for the basic necessities of life. Other times, we just want enough to afford a fabulous vacation or to throw the party of the century. Who’s to say that’s not a legitimate use of funds? The key here is you need to believe your reason for wanting money is valid, and it’s a goal you connect to emotionally.

Success follows from there and only from there, though it’s not the whole story.

Remember, using financial affirmations isn’t the same as buying a lottery ticket and thinking you’re going to win. You’re still going to need to dig in and do some work. Money tends to be an outgrowth of opportunity. Frequently what the universe gives, it gives in the form of an opportunity. At the same time, this kind of opportunity always has a reward attached. So keep your eyes open. Your answer might not look quite the way you think it will. Instead of a windfall of cash, you might be given something entirely different, which will lead to precisely what you need.

Samples of Affirmations Related to Money & Finance

  • I am grateful for the way money comes easily to me
  • Money comes when I call it, making me feel powerful
  • I am proud to be such a good manager of money
  • I feel contentment with the money that flows into my bank account
  • I am confident I always have enough money to meet my needs
  • I love money and money loves me
  • I have a positive relationship with money
  • I can afford that, but I choose to save my money
  • I can afford that, but I choose to spend my money in other ways

Love & Relationships

Next to money, the thing people would change most in their lives is their relationships. Let’s face it; all the money in the world can’t begin to buy the kind of happiness which comes from being with someone you love, who loves you in return.

So how can affirmations help?

  • Affirmations can help open the doorway to a brand-new relationship.
  • Affirmations can help to forge trust in the relationship.
  • Affirmations can help to restore a relationship shattered and struggling through various issues.
  • Affirmations can help to build a relationship into something strong enough to stand the test of time.

The very nature of this topic means any affirmation is already going to be personal. But you can’t expect relationship success by yourself. Of course, if your affirmations are focusing on finding a special someone to share a relationship, you’re going to be working alone. In every other aspect, though, your best results will come from working with your partner to create and use affirmations. When working with someone else, use these steps to get started.

Together, create your relationship goals. Work on this first because you’re going to have to take a tough and critical look at the negative messages you’ve been experiencing in your relationship. These messages are almost always internal.

They come from unmet expectations and old beliefs we bring to a relationship, and not from your partner. By setting your goals first, you’re establishing that whatever follows – you’re still in this together.

Once you’ve started identifying the harsh realities of what’s been going on, you’re going to need to work together to counter those negative statements with positive ones.

For example: “We don’t spend time together “translates to “We make time for each other” instead.

Lastly, you need to set time to work on these affirmations. Doing this together will again have the best results, especially as you say each affirmation out loud.

Hearing these words from your partner as you speak the same back to them unifies and reminds you both that this isn’t a solo path.

What to do if your partner isn’t interested in working on affirmations with you or you have no partner to work with? In such cases, you create your goals alone, much as you would for any other kind of affirmation, focusing primarily on your role in the relationship. After all, it’s not up to you to change other people, only yourself.

Examples of Affirmations Related to Love & Relationships

  • I feel secure in a loving relationship
  • I am comfortable talking to my partner about my feelings
  • I have a deep respect for my significant other
  • I feel loved and cared for
  • I feel a great deal of respect and adoration for my partner
  • If someone pushes my buttons, they are still MY buttons – personal issues I need to tend to
  • I create the foundation on which my relationship is built
  • I am either destroying or building in every moment
  • Through intention, I achieve my ideal relationship
  • I cannot change anyone else; I can only change myself


Affirmations relating to health tend to focus on the law of attraction. If you remember, these affirmations focus on drawing to you what you want or need.

Good health is an essential part of our lives. You can use affirmations as a way of overcoming suffering, and to attract good health.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

We gained many of our attitudes toward health through the input of other people throughout our lives. Things like poor body image, fat-shaming, and other such messages are, at first glance, things we tell ourselves. But with a little digging, it’s common to find it was another voice that said these things to you first. You might have to spend some time digging out some of these attitudes, moving in small steps to work past some buried trauma and triggers.

Second, affirmations here cannot be entirely about attracting good health with no effort on your part. For best results, you will want to combine those affirmations with ones used to help build other healthy habits. Eating right, exercise, getting adequate sleep are all things you’re going to want to affirm in your life as you set out on a path designed to bring you into good health.

Examples of Affirmations Related to Your Good Health

  • I am in love with my body
  • I appreciate my body and my good health
  • I am grateful to be healthy
  • I am proud to reject toxicity
  • I deserve to be healthy and happy
  • I love every cell of my body
  • I honor my body by trusting the signals that it sends me
  • I manifest perfect health by making smart choices.
  • I balance my life between work, rest and play — they all get equal time.
  • Every part of my body manages its tasks easily and naturally.

Now, let’s take some time to apply these tips to your life. 

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