Day 5 Exercise: Your Own Affirmation Journey

You’ve finally done it! You’ve reached the end of this course. Now, you will hopefully be completely ready to explore the world of affirmations on your own. It’s going to take a lot of work, and it may not come as quickly as you want, but over time, you’ll see vast improvements created by your affirmations. No matter what area of life you want to focus on, we’re sure you’ll find success. However, before you set off on your own, we have a few more exercises based on today’s lesson to complete.

Step 1: Reflect on what affirmations you would have wanted to be taught as a child, or that you would have wanted your parents to use. With these thoughts, come up with three family-related affirmations that would be helpful for you.

  • Affirmation 1:
  • Affirmation 2:
  • Affirmation 3:

Step 2: Would affirmations related to spirituality be useful to you? Do they relate to your personal beliefs? Would you want to use them? Why or why not? Brainstorm your ideas below.

Brainstorm Your Ideas Below:

Step 3: Reflect on how stress has impacted you in the past? What affirmations could have helped with this? List some ideas below, as well as how they would’ve been useful to you. 

  • Affirmation 1:

           Why it would’ve been useful 1:

  • Affirmation 2:

           Why it would’ve been useful 2:

Download the word document here