Finalizing Your Affirmations

When we use affirmations, we open all kinds of doors to the future. Imagine if everything you told yourself was upbeat, positive, and genuine. Think about what kind of person you’d be. How different would you be if the negative self-talk was never there, or you had received only positive affirmations?

With affirmations, this future can be yours. The key is to be wise in choosing your affirmations. Then back them up by being consistent as you set about using them.

In no time at all, you’re going to start seeing some incredible differences in your life. As you begin to seize the opportunities affirmations bring you, you’re going to experience success on a whole new level: personally, professionally, in yourself, and your relationship with others. However, before you begin this journey, we have a few last things to tell you.

Day 5:

In today’s lesson, we’ll be checking out the last few specific areas of life that affirmations are commonly used for. 


There are two distinct areas where using affirmations can significantly benefit your family—the first centers on your parenting skills. The second focuses on your children.

As a parent, it’s not unusual to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. Maybe you weren’t always parented in the best or even the healthiest ways yourself, so you haven’t had a good parenting model. Affirmations can help you get back on track with your family’s care, helping you work through whatever doubts and insecurities you might have.

Parenting comes up here very strongly. It’s hard to raise children. Especially when our goal for them, to be safe and happy, sometimes seems very opposed to the reality of the situation.

Add to this; children are suffering from their own baggage, with all the trials of growing up. They have to deal with a lot of hard stuff when it comes to learning, bullies, and even living in today’s world. How are you supposed to make them happy when you’re already overwhelmed yourself?

You start with your affirmations to strengthen your parenting style. And at the same time, you start teaching them how to use affirmations for themselves. After all, you can’t make anyone else happy other than yourself. But you can easily give someone else the tools they need so they can discover happiness for themselves.

Examples of Affirmations Related to Family

  • I am proud to validate my child’s feelings
  • I act with respect and love toward my child
  • I have a reserve of patience, even when I feel like I am losing control
  • I make my family feel safe, and I am proud of them
  • I am proud of my excellent communication skills

Examples of Affirmations You Can Teach Your Child

  • I am safe
  •  I am loved
  • I am learning new things today
  • I am happy today
  • Being part of my family makes me proud


Nothing seems more natural than using affirmations to connect to something bigger and vaster than yourself. Only this time, you’re not asking for something to come to you, you’re going there, into the divine. Affirmations can be a place where you meet God or nature. A place where you worship with a spirit primed for reflective thoughts and reaching out to a hand already reaching for yours.

Affirmations of a spiritual nature involve a personal analysis of what you believe, and how important these beliefs are. As with other affirmations, you need to understand your goals in connecting to the spiritual. Then comes the careful analysis of your negative beliefs about your spiritual life. Here though, your focus in the affirmation takes on a component similar to those used in relationships.

Only the one you’re in a relationship with happens to be eternal and maybe not as vocal in repeating the affirmations back to you.

On the other hand, this is a relationship or should be. So your affirmations need to be inclusive of those beliefs.

Examples of Affirmations Related to Spiritual

  • I can be content knowing I am where God wants me to be
  • I welcome the wonderful creation I am, even when I feel like a mess
  • I am grateful for the guidance I get from the spirit
  • Today, I am centered in the universe and draw goodness from it
  • I trust that God knows what I need and when

Stress Relief

Everyone has stress, some people more than most. In today’s world, this isn’t unusual in the least. The key is in knowing how to handle it.

Stress is responsible for more sickness and disease than you probably realize. Did you know that just being under constant pressure changes the platelets’ constitution in your blood, making it more likely to clot and cause heart attacks?

At the same time, the reduction of stress resets your blood to normal, which tells you why it’s essential to regularly address this kind of intense emotion.

Affirmations can be a significant part of stress relief. Any time we can focus on something positive, we reduce those feelings of being overwhelmed and out of control. Affirmations are all about changing your worldview to one of calm. Affirmations pointed directly at particular stresses will provide targeted relief.

With these affirmations, focus on creating a comfortable world of peace and light where all is well. Affirmation practice is a calming place, so keep your manifestations to things that will make you calm.

Here too, is where you need to show your individuality. Everyone is different. To some, just the idea of something nice coming their way is enough to relax their mind and body. Others might need to work a little harder at letting go of the worry of the day. The main thing here is not to compare yourself to what someone else is going. You do what makes you comfortable and take as long as you need to achieve your goals. Don’t increase your stress trying to achieve stress release.

After all, as you see in these last few affirmation ideas, you are the one who is in control as you create your new, calming world.

Examples of Affirmations Related to Stress Relief

  • When my life seems to fall apart, I can use what I already have to create a new one in its place
  • Wonderful things come to me from the strangest places
  • I welcome change in my life
  • Something good happens to me every day
  • I will come out of the stress stronger and better than I ever was
  • Being calm and centered is one of the top priorities in my life
  • I am calm and relaxed in all situations
  • Calmness washes over me with every deep breath I take
  • I am releasing all negative emotions from my system
  • I give myself a credit every time I do something that makes me happy
  • I am grateful for all the good in my life

Now, let’s take some time to finish up investigating our selection of affirmation tips.

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