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Globalization connects the world in a way that makes trade, travel and communication move in a method that really does make the world appear smaller than it has ever been before. Innovation and new perspectives tend to follow in the wake of fast communications. The ease of modern communication can translate into ease of planning, coordinating as well as researching. Being able to not only store, but to also share ideas and resources through information systems have been essential for international growth and development.

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From a business perspective, technology offers a company the opportunity to become the best version of itself. Competition only heightens when a potential buyer has the ability to easily search around, beyond their local area, for the most cost-efficient resources. Globalization appears to share the world stage with technological advances in a symbiotic coexistence. We are living in a time where a single company can have its departments scattered around the planet in multiple countries and still function seamlessly between each one. It is hard to imagine a business growing and surviving without an implemented information system or technological assist in today’s times. Whether the smallest company or just an individual in search of a new perspective, there is potential to prosper simply by having a good information system in place designed to collect, analyze, interpret transmit and store information. In the former reference, that small company or intrigued individual can experience the benefits of globalization and engage in a worldwide form.

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