5 Minute Meditation


I invite you to take a deep breath, and when you’re comfortable, perhaps begin to close your eyes.


Maybe you can enjoy sitting still for a moment, doing nothing but breathing deeply – breathing deeply; however, this feels comfortable for you.


More soothing allows yourself to find a rhythm. [PAUSE]

So, did you know that water is often a symbol of our emotions?


  • Well, now that you’re breathing more deeply, perhaps you can imagine any remaining thoughts, tasks, nagging emotions, “to do’s,” etc. as a river raging around you.

  • Perhaps take a moment to experience that more fully. Make sure that everything that’s bothering you right now becomes part of that raging river.

  • So now I want you to take another deep breath and begin to make the river calmer. I wonder if you’ve already started to notice it is slowing and calming around you. Calmer and calmer until it is now a beautiful, quiet, gently flowing stream.

  • And once it’s a gentle stream now imagine it getting even calmer, smaller and trickling into a beautiful, quiet, still pond.


Why not take another deep breath and enjoy your beautiful, quiet, still pond for a moment. Take in the absolute stillness, the serenity, peace, and calm.


In the days and weeks ahead, know that you can use this technique anywhere, at any time to still your mind, and in a few simple moments, feel completely calm again.

Hmmm. Now I want you to repeat these affirmations after me so that you’re in a space to listen and be open to your unconscious mind. Do this in your mind or out loud if you prefer:

  • “I open myself to inner messages.”

  • “I am ready to know what I need to know.”

  • “I recognize that my imagination is a doorway to my heart, spiritual healing, and transformation.”

So, I’m wondering, if you were to imagine a symbol, picture, or object that represented YOUR doorway to reconnect with your heart and spirituality, what would it be? What jumps into your mind?

It’s essential to take the image as you receive it, not as you prefer it… This is about learning to TRUST your intuition. So, don’t analyze what comes up, ACCEPT whatever arises AS IT IS.


And for some of you, you may need to sit for a moment and wait. We want this to be spontaneous and natural. So, breathe for a moment and see what arises for you now. It could be anything at all!

So, now that you have your image, I invite you now to take a breath for a moment and begin to move your attention back to the room, listening to the sounds around you and begin to open your eyes.



Cynthia Lee


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