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If you haven’t used affirmations or used them unsuccessfully in the past, you might be wondering how some positive sentences repeated aloud can make any difference. To most, affirmations sound like nothing more than wishful thinking and good intentions. But can they really work?


The answer here is yes. Numerous studies done by scholarly journals, schools of psychology, and other respected members of the scientific community have proved that affirmations work. They also encourage substantial and positive change in the lives of people who practice them regularly. Join this free email course and find out how Affirmation can help transform your way of thinking.


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Affirmations for Different Areas of Your Life

When thinking about what areas of your life you’d want to apply affirmations to, what conclusions did you come to? We had a few ideas as to what you may have chosen, so we went ahead and compiled some tips for some common areas of your life that you may want to use affirmations in. After all, it’s far easier to get an idea of how affirmations may be most helpful to you when a few examples are laid out.

Finalizing Your Affirmations

When we use affirmations, we open all kinds of doors to the future. Imagine if everything you told yourself was upbeat, positive, and genuine. Think about what kind of person you’d be. How different would you be if the negative self-talk was never there, or you had received only positive affirmations?

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