Episode #36: What Does Your Self-Talk Say About You

This week Cynthia Lee talks about the power of self-talk and gives you a few tips that you can start using immediately to change your negative self-talk into a positive one. 

Self-talk is a powerful force, one with the ability to either stop you cold or send you into the realm of success. It all stems from what’s in your head, the thoughts, positive or negative, that you carry with you throughout the day.

What you might not realize is how those words get there, or how easy it is to change negative self-talk over to the positive.

It all starts in the words you use throughout the day. Listen to yourself speak. What kinds of things are you saying to the people around you? What kind of tone do you adopt? 

By focusing on what comes out of your mouth, you’ll very quickly change how you’re talking to yourself in your head. So stop that rant, and look for the positive thing to say instead. The upside to this? When you’re more positive in your conversations, people find you more enjoyable to be around as well.


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