Because life is less than perfect, we all experience situations that bring feelings of disappointment from time to time. Therefore, it’s important to have your own tool kit of tips to confront and combat these emotional upsets so you can move past them and on to better things.

Use these techniques to help you conquer disappointment:

  1. Allow yourself to feel however you feel. When a troublesome event takes place, it’s completely normal to feel disappointed and a little down. Your feelings are a natural part of you and you’re entitled to feel disconcerted from time to time. Think about what has made you upset and how you feel about it. 
  2. Refrain from attributing too much importance to the situation that brought you disappointment. Sometimes, it’s easy to react to an upsetting situation by exaggerating the consequences of the event. 
    • For example, when you’re passed over for a promotion, you might think, “I’ll never get an opportunity to advance at the office again. I guess my career is over.”
    • Instead, be realistic about the impact of the recent disappointment. Okay, it’s a setback. But it’s just one hitch. You’ll have plenty of chances to recover.
  3. Revisit your goals. What is your ideal outcome? What are you seeking in life? Have you established personal and professional goals that stimulate, motivate, and excite you? Now that you’ve allowed yourself the time to sort through your feelings of disillusionment, it’s time to shift gears. 
    • Review your personal and professional goals to reinvigorate your efforts to achieve them. Don’t be surprised if your goals have changed since the last time you thought about them. 
  4. Construct a dream board. Speaking of having clarity in what you want in life, making a dream board will help you do just that. Also known as vision boards or personal collages, a dream board can include pictures, drawings, and sayings about everything in life you’re seeking. 
    • The process will be a deeply satisfying experience. Plus, you’ll have your dream board to admire every day and remind you of the goals you’re working for.
  5. Focus on 1 or 2 goals. Choose at least one person and one professional goal to focus on for the next month. Keep that goal in your thoughts each day by having it in your calendar or even on a note in your car. Concentrate your efforts on one or two goals at a time. 
    • This way, you’ll leave your feelings of disappointment behind, replacing them with positive feelings. You’ll focus on and commit to achieving a result that’s very important to you.
  6. Recognize life offers all kinds of possibilities. In actuality, there are probably plenty of ways to expand your horizons at the office and in your career. Avoid making one disappointing occurrence a constant source of nagging negativity. Take notice of all the opportunities you have now. Realize more will be coming along every single day.
  7. Onward and upward. When you’re moving forward in life, you’re less affected by occasional disappointments. Consider your disappointment a thing of the past and vow to move on. Make a shortlist of what you’ll do over the next days to achieve the goals you selected to focus on. 

There are many strategies to help you move past the disappointing times in life. When you allow yourself your own feelings, avoid placing too much emphasis on an upsetting event, and review your life goals, you’re well on your way to better days.

Also, making a dream board, focusing on just 1 or 2 goals, and moving on with your life will allow you to leave your disappointment behind and embrace renewed faith in your almost-perfect life!

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