Podcast Episode #001


The Coffee and Confidence Podcast

 Thank you for tuning in to the first of many podcasts! I am so excited that you are here with me. Since this is our first podcast together I wanted to introduce myself and to let you know what to expect. 

I want to start off by talking a little bit about myself.  I have three beautiful children, two boys, and one girl and I also have a Standard Poodle named Pluto. I served eight years in the Army and have my master’s degree in Cybersecurity, and I am also a life coach and confidence coach. I have also spent over half of my life traveling and have had the pleasure of visiting some beautiful countries and learning some fascinating facts about different cultures first-hand. I enjoy photography, writing poetry, and being a goofball…

Tune in to the podcast to know more

In this episode of The Coffee and Confidence Podcast, we’ll be talking about:

  1. The formal intorduction
  2. Why did I decide to become a confidence coach?
  3. How can a confidence coach help me?
  4. What to expect from this podcast.

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Cynthia Lee

Professional Blogger, Author, Wellness Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Army Veteran, Mother, Daughter, and Sister.

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