I felt you in my womb.

I grew weaker and weaker

Nauseous, dizzy, and vision blurred.

I fell in love.

Time passes and you began to grow.

My excitement grew also.

I bought your clothes, a bed, toys.

I spread my joy to the world.

As time passes you grew sicker.

You grew weaker.

I gave you a name.

A beautiful name.

A strong, courageous name.

I fell in love.

As time passes, I received your gifts.

I was so excited.

I brought you everything.

I gave you my world.

As time passes, you grew weaker.

You left me.

I cried and mourn.

My love was gone.

Drowned in the showers of my tears with no heartbeat.

I was still in love.

I felt you in my hands and saw your sweet face.

I was not excited.

You slipped from my hands away from my reach.

I mourned with the world.

As time passes, you liberated me.

You saved me.





Cynthia Lee

Professional Blogger, Author, Wellness Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Army Veteran, Mother, Daughter, and Sister.

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