Whenever I close my eyes, I can see us together,

Dancing around in circles, dancing forever.

Around and around we go in a fantasy unknown,

In a very special memory that is untold.


Whenever I touch my skin, I am thinking of you.

Your flesh on my flesh creates a feeling untrue.

Remembrance of your fingers tracing my cheek,

It creates a magical and indescribable feeling so hard to beat.


With all of these thoughts that I have for you,

It makes me feel strange, nervous, and sometimes confused.

To sum up, all of these thoughts that I have is as simple as this,

Hopefully, I won’t forget one or have one that I will miss.


With all of these thoughts of you, I get scared inside,

Confused with these feelings of love that is so hard to hide.

If I can tell you one very special thing to you,

It would be that no matter what I will always be there for you.



Cynthia Lee

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Cynthia Lee

Professional Blogger, Author, Wellness Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Army Veteran, Mother, Daughter, and Sister.

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