The Urgent/Important Matrix

How do you spend your time? Are you constantly interrupted by others? Do you always seem to move from one crisis to another? Perhaps you are not prioritizing your time as well as you could…


Time is obviously best spent in Quadrant 2 – Important but Non-Urgent tasks. But first:


  1. Look at your chart and consider where you spend most of your time.
  2. What % of the time do you spend in each quadrant? Write the percentage below next to each quadrant.
    NB. Make sure this is a gut-feeling – your first instant response. 
  3. List specific examples that are relevant to YOU for each quadrant and add to the blank lines below.

Why not post this on your fridge or somewhere you will see it regularly to remind you?

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  1. So, which quadrant do you spend MOST time in? __________________


  1. How does that feel? ___________________________________________________________________


Q1 – Crises – If you’re spending most of your time here, how are you dealing with stress?

Q2 – Goals & Planning – Congratulations! How could you make sure you stay in this quadrant?

Q3 – Interruptions – If you’re spending most of your time here, you may need to find ways to say “No” to others.

Q4 – Distractions – If you’re spending most of your time here, you may need to find ways to “No” to yourself!


  1. So, what’s getting in the way of you managing your time better? Be specific. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Where are you sabotaging yourself? ____________________________________________________________




  1. How will your life be different if you manage your time more effectively? What’s in it for you?
    List all the benefits to you of managing your time better including at home, in relationships and in the workplace!


  2. What COULD you do differently? It’s time to do some brainstorming – write all the ideas of things you could do. Note: You don’t have to action them – this is a brainstorming exercise for possibilities.__________________________ _________________________       ___________________________________________________         _________________________       _________________________
  3. What is the KEY action that would support all the others? ________________________________

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It’s time to identify 1-3 specific actions you will commit to. Make sure this action is something you can implement right away – or in the next day or so. Note: Only pick actions you are 100% sure you will complete –
and if necessary make the action smaller until you can commit one hundred percent!



Action 1     ______________________________________________________   

By When  ______________


Action 2     ______________________________________________________   

By When  ______________


Action 3     ______________________________________________________   

By When  ______________


 The biggest thing I have learned about myself today is: ________________________________



Cynthia Lee

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