Is he looking at me?

Wow, he is looking at me?

He is so handsome, but I do think that he will see anything that he likes in me.

He can’t be looking at me.

I can count so many things that are wrong with me.


I am short and have scars all over me.

My smile is crooked, and my large glasses will cause any man to flee.

I am underweight and have large feet.

I cannot cook so I usually never eat.


With his muscular frame, he must want someone sexy by his side

Dress her in all white and make her his bride.

Me, I am not athletic or in shape,

I am hideous and was once called an ape.


If only he could see,

Everything that I do not see in me.




Wow, look at her.

Is she looking at me?

She is so beautiful. I don’t know why she hides her face from me.

If only she can see what I see.


She is short enough to feel safe in my arms,

As I hold her throughout the night and keep her from harm.

Her glasses make her looks so smart,

I wonder if she knows Shakespeare or is into the Arts.


Her smile is so unique and beautiful in my eyes,

I just want to hold her so she will never leave my side.

She is so tiny, my love is so frail.

I just want to take care of her, my love she will hail.


If only she could see what I see,

She is everything and means the world to me.



Cynthia Lee

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Cynthia Lee

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