Whether it’s a computer on your desk or a phone in your pocket, your personal devices retain a lot of your personal data. What many people are not aware of is that the personal information that is kept on your phone for convenience may be vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Here is the breakdown of a few of your personal data that your devices could be retaining:



–       Web browser autofill

–       Stored in the file system

Bank Account Information

–       Downloaded bank statements

Deleted Files

–       All deleted files, including ones no longer in the recycle bin or trash, can be recovered until physical storage space overwritten.

Recent Files

–       The list kept by operating systems

–       Various applications keep their own recent file list


–       Windows contacts

–       Address books

–       Contact manager

Social Security Number

–       Downloaded tax documents

Text Messages

–       Text log stated on your phone

Phone Calls

–       Call log stored on the phone

Name and Address

–       Web browser autofill

–       Windows contact

–       Address book

–       Contact manager

Recently Visited Sites

–       Browser’s cache

–       Browser’s history

–       Cookies

Credit Card Numbers

–       Web browser autofill

–       Downloaded credit card statements



Every day approximately 2,000 email scams are polluting our inboxes and 73% of the American population have fallen victim to cybercrimes. Here is a very important tip that could help to keep you safe: Be sure to delete all unwanted files and do not store any personally identifiable information from your devices.


Stay safe,

Cynthia Lee

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